Mississippi floods raises political disputes

Water flooding in Mississippi Delta has opened another chapter in the political and historical evolution of the city. For years the people of the Cleveland are known to be fascinated about politics, crops and other important national issues that could better their future in American politics.

Since the flooding the tone of the conversation has for the first time in 76 years changed to another thing and that is the issue of water. On Friday morning the leaders of the Cleveland gathered together to talk about water which they acknowledged is both dangerous and wonderful.

Attention shifted to water since the flooding of the Mississippi river which affected the economic wellbeing and social life of the citizens for the first time in more than seven decades. The water bulge has caused some dislocations in the country as some of the residents of the city have since moved out of the water devastated environment.

The gathering on Friday was to brain storm on the best way to come on top of a similar situation in the future and to avert the future occurrence. The gathering was all expectants of new things that were never seen in the city before according to the key speaker at the occasion Col Jeffrey Eckstein who is the commander of the army corps of engineers that is located within the city.