UN Scribe Calls for Action Against Syria

The scribe of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki Moon has called on the world powers to press action on Syria to end the attack on anti government protesters in the country and listen to the demands of the protesters. The secretary general said that resolution on the crises would help the people of Syria. Ban Ki Moon was talking to the press in New York on the same day he was re-elected for the UN top job for a second term of five years.

The secretary general advised President Assad to respect the will of people of Syria and listen to and address the grievances of the protesters. Since Syria started using heavy forces against its citizens that are protesting were against the government the United Nations Security Council has been unable to pass a resolution.

Russia and China are standing as opposition against a US draft resolution that was seeking to condemn the Syrian government. The draft was also opposed by India, Brazil and South Africa.

The protest against the government of President Assad started in mid March and it has continued. The Assad family had ruled Syria for more than forty years. The current president ascended into power about eleven years ago after the death of his father who has ruled the country for more than three decades. The protest is centered against the continued of rule of Assad and they are demanding for reforms in the country including regime change.