A cup of coffee can keep you away from Strokes

Coffee can keep you away from strokes

Coffee can keep you away from strokes

For coffee lovers the recent studies have brought an extra cup of sweetness. According to a Swedish research, women who consumed coffee once or up to five times a day were found having less risk of strokes.

It was even observed that, consumption of coffee on a regular basis may also reduce the level of risk for   heart attacks by 25 percent. The researchers noted that women who did not drink coffee were more prone to heart diseases and higher risk of heart diseases.

Though, the researchers have clarified that the findings were yet in their initial stage and therefore, should not be taken as facts to decide upon or changing food habits.

The findings of this study were published in ‘Stroke’ in its March 10 issue. The researchers—Larsson and his team collected information from 34,670 women.  The study looked into those data that established correlation among diet, living styles and diseases.

It was found that 1680 women under observation experienced strokes, however among all of them, those who drank coffee had less risk of strokes. This difference was remarkable as much as from 22% to 25%.

Women who consumed coffee on a regular basis—i.e. from 1-2 cup every day to 5 or more cups were found enjoying similar advantage of lower risk of strokes in contrast to those who had not taken coffee usually or regularly. The findings remained same even when other factors like weight, smoking, diabetes, drinking and high blood pressure were taken into account under the research.

Therefore, the observers have concluded on the basis of their observation that coffee helps in reducing inflammation, oxidative stress and also increases insulin resistance, which ultimately decrease the risk of strokes.