Accused former NSA official to plead guilty

The ex NSA manager Thomas Drake who would be charged to court for leaking classified information has accepted a plea deals with the government. This may result to the government to dropping the charges of his indictment and therefore absolve him from the offence of leaking classified information.

In exchange Mr. Drake agreed to plead for guilty of misdemeanor for exceeding the authorized usage of computer. He will only serve for one year probation and would not be expected to pay any fine. If he failed to plead for guilty of misdemeanor he will serve up to 35 years in jail if found guilty.

This development is seen as a victory for Drake who is aged 54 who has been under investigation since 2006 for leaking secret information to the media. He was indicted in May 2010. This development is seen as a great setback to president Obama who is fighting serious battle against leakers of national security secrets.

Mr. Drake is billed to appear before Judge Richard Bennett in the US District Court in Baltimore on Friday to enter for this plea. He has denied several times that he did not leak classified security information to Baltimore Sun reporter who produced series of reports of NSA.