Alabama defeats Obama government over Immigration Law

Alabama finally defeats Democrats over its ruling on Immigration Law. The state’s law had been challenged by the federal administration as the law includes many sections which are blocked in other states of the United States.  A federal judge supported Alabama in this case and supported state’s stand over the law.

Federal District Court  Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn took the decision which eventually paves way for the Supreme Court to finally decide on the fate of illegal immigration in the state.

“Today Judge Blackburn upheld the law, revealed Governor Robert Bentley.  He further added that with all those sections of the Immigration law, which were blocked in other states, Alabama has now strongest law in the United States with respect to immigration.

The judged blocked a provision under immigration law, that favored transportation of illegal migrants and also those sections which prevented illegal migrants from getting enrolled for higher studies.


Judge Blackburn did not agree with the arguments presented by Justice Departments which had successfully challenged immigrations laws in Arizona and Georgia.

The judge also supported a section which needs verification of immigration status during routine traffic stops on the basis of “reasonable suspicion.”