Apple not to launch iTunes in iCloud in United Kingdom

Apple will shelve the proposed launching of its iTunes in iClouds which was earlier billed to take place this year in United kingdom to next year. The chief executive of the company Mr. Steve Jobs disclosed this shortly after he resumed work from his sick leave. The iTunnes in iClouds was billed to be launched in the United States of America in September this year will now be launced in the United kingdom early first quarter of 2012.

Apple has started negotiations with PRS that is the Performing Right Society, the association is an umbrella organization which ensures that songwriters as well as music makers are paid for the job they did. they told the press that apple has already started negotiations which would ensure that there are rights in UK. The negotiation is still in its early stages.


The association noted that the licensing team is already discussing with apples although still at its early stages adding that as at now signing of any deal is not near. The negotiations is still in its early stages adding that the negotiation is similar to the launch of iTunes that started in America before it was extended to other countries.