Arizona Immigration Law

Arizona ImmigrationArizona: The new immigration law in Arizona goes into effect July 29.
Over the past 10 years, the citizens in Arizona has expressed growing frustration with a lack of action from the federal government. The public is also concerned over violence committed by illegal immigrants in Arizona. Many people believe that the authorities are not doing enough to solve the problem.

In April this year, Senate gave final approval to an amended SB 1070 and the bill went to Governor Brewer signed it into law. The new Arizona immigration law makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally and requires law enforcement to question an individual’s legal status if an officer has reasonable suspicion.

2 thoughts on “Arizona Immigration Law

  1. This will be fun. Has anyone actually read the Arizona SB 1017? All it says is that they will have the power to ask people for their papers, and it authorizes law officers to dump illegals at the immigration detention facility. How can the Obama administration argue with that? Who is advising this administraion? The only advantage I can see is a political posturing given the large Hispanic population, but if you ask the legal immigrant, they would vote for enforcement, so that is wrong-headed. I just don’t get this waste of Federal tax money.

  2. Arizona is doing the right thing. Our borders need to be guarded. There are many hard working hispanics that become United States citizens each year by completing the immigration process. Why should hispanics that basically cut in line be rewarded and allowed to skip the long process that everyone else had to complete?

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