Armed forces attack anti-government protestors in Bahrain

Bahrain’s troops attack protestors demanding for the ouster of current government.

Despite declaration of state of emergency in Bahrain, people continue demonstrating against the autocratic government.

The security personnel used tear gas vehicles to scatter the crowd of protestors who had occupied a landmark square in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. According to some witnesses, two demonstrators died in the clash with the security forces.

Declaration of state of emergency has suddenly powered the armed forces with more authority over system.

The protestors were attacked early in the morning and black smoke covered the square soon after the attack began. Helicopters were also seen hovering over the landmark square where the demonstrators had gathered to protest. Following the declaration of state of emergency on Wednesday Bahrain’s stock exchange has been closed down at 1413.19 on Tuesday. There has been no announcement yet when it would reopen. Bahrain stock market stands for a very small section of investment world in the Persian Gulf region

According to the sources, Saudi Arabia refuted to obey the orders of the United States for not involving in Bahrain’s issue and sent its security forces to check violence.

Thousands of security personnel from Saudi Arabia 500 UAE police officials have reached Bahrain to establish peace there. However, the United States fears such moves might intensify tensions in Bahrain. Protestors are increasing in number day by day and have taken control over financial district in the capital city Manama.  The US administration also fears over the possibility of sectarian violence following the arrival of Saudi Arabian Sunni troops and Shiya forces from Iran.

However, the Bahrain government has announced to initiate a national dialogue to resolve the situation a week ago, which has raised hopes among the protestors.