Top terrorists, Al Queda leaders killed in Drone attack

Anwar al-Awlaki killed in Drone attack

Anwar al-Awlaki who is listed in the US anti-terrorist list was killed on Friday in this attack. Awlaki was a prominent leader of Yemen’s branch of Al Qaeda. He was a born American and high tech Islamic teacher who could speak sparkling English and convince even Western youth with his charismatic communication.

Awlaki was a suspect in the 2009 Fort Hood, Texas, shooting spree  also in the botched bombing of a Detroit-bound jet at the eve of Christmas.

Awlaki’s death was confirmed by other news sources too who raised question over legal and moviabilit behind killing a terrorist or any American. This can be titled as another major blow on terrorist outfit Al-Qaeda after killing of Osama bin Laden recently.

The United States openly called on the besieged Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down following the 8-months’ protest by the advocates of democracy. Ironically, the antiterrorism operations are led by close relatives of Saleh and they are assisting the United States in this regard.

Canadian diplomats doubt US peeping into sensitive information

Canada’s political parties fear U.S. intelligence agencies may breach their privacy and get secret information from a cloud-based Web site

Under the laws in the United States, the government can ask any Web site to reveal all information to them without informing the concerned person or party, revealed James Williamson, information technology coordinator, who represents the Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP) in Ottawa, Ontario.

The NDP is at present the key opposition party in Canada whereas Conservatives are in the government. The NDP has 123 million records of many individuals holding key information under their possession. Diplomats showed their concern when the NDP was asked to seek for stronger encryption approach instead of cloud-based as its platform for its e-mails and other contacts.

The party also stores its voter tracking information database, donor’s information and other things which need to be maintained in private. The Canadian diplomats want that the NDP should use some other platform, which it can handle alone and without any breach of information by any other party.

In case, the US government forces Salesforce and its authorities to reveal any information at least the NDP should be informed about that.

Varun Badhwar, an official from CipherCloud’s business development firm  stated that the unit provides  cloud-based encryption services  to, Amazon and

Cloud-based encrypton keys are used to keep data private.

US puzzled over all-party conference in Pak

An all-party conference in Pakistan has puzzled the United States. Pakistani Prime Minister as well as former prime minister Nawaz Sharif too participated in the same conference for the first time. Not only political [parties but also religious groups and societies as well as army chief General Kayani enthusiastically attended the meeting

Prime Minister Gilani stated that no country could put any pressure on Pakistan to do anything. He further added that national interests should be safeguarded. Gilani reiterated the oath to defend Pakistan’s geographical boundaries freedom, and national sovereignty.

Gilani also showed his confidence in the Pak army and its solidarity.

Many diplomats showed their concerns over US strategy toward Pakistan. Imran Khan, former cricketer and leader said that the United States is determined to declare Pakistani intelligence agency ISI as a terrorist outfit. He said this would create more problems for Pakistan.

The statements by US Navy Admiral about Haqqani network being an assisting hand to  ISI has put Pakistani leaders in tension.

Pakistani leaders also fear that the United States might opt for military actions against Pakistan, which has been its long-term ally.

US President calls on student to continue studies

President Obama appeals to US students to continue their education for their development. Obama urges US students to continue opting for higher education after school.

Addressing a meeting with students at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington, he said getting into college is not enough for a student. They must graduate too.

Obama stated that the United States once upon a time had maximum percentage of people with college degree, however, the declining inclination toward higher education has led the country to 16th position at present. He calls on the students to rebring their nation to rank one.

A few days back President Obama also campaigned for his job bill in Denver in another school. The bill seeks for allocating $25 billion for maintenance and repairing works in 35,000 schools in the United States.

Obama also delivered a back-to-school speech every year since he became president, however this particular address may be seen as an appeal to Colorado voters with regard to the coming presidential campaign in 2012.

Benjamin Banneker High, which was named afteran African-American astronomer, mathematician, and surveyor is today, among elite public schools of Washington.

The President also recalled his own school days and his other interests than studies.

Obama accepted that the current generatn faces more difficulties due to being in the digital age and social networking era where everything otherwise kept in private is now on Facebook and Twitter.

He also added that due to depression, parents had a tremendous pressure of seeking for alternatives for baby-sitting to save money and adolescents are forced to attend their younger siblings when parents are working overtime.

Congress disagrees over expenditure on disaster aid

US Congress again traps itself in conflict among diplomats over financial spending pressurizing the federal government. The diplomats, Republicans as well as Democrats are continuously at war almost over everything.

Be it the most disputed healthcare law or the issue of providing compensation to 9/11 victims or toward US foreign policies or the battle of increasing debt ceiling, the opposition never agreed with Barack Obama’s government over anything.

It is first time in the American political history that the country is always indulged in political conflicts due to disagreement over all issues between the two parties and reaches at the verge of government shutdown every time.

The dispute over disaster aid funding was a part of much debated $4 trillion budget that included victims of flood, storms and other disaster by reducing other expenditure by the government.

The bill has been under fierce criticism by the opposition Republicans, who are in stronger position in the Congress now following mid-term elections.

Alabama defeats Obama government over Immigration Law

Alabama finally defeats Democrats over its ruling on Immigration Law. The state’s law had been challenged by the federal administration as the law includes many sections which are blocked in other states of the United States.  A federal judge supported Alabama in this case and supported state’s stand over the law.

Federal District Court  Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn took the decision which eventually paves way for the Supreme Court to finally decide on the fate of illegal immigration in the state.

“Today Judge Blackburn upheld the law, revealed Governor Robert Bentley.  He further added that with all those sections of the Immigration law, which were blocked in other states, Alabama has now strongest law in the United States with respect to immigration.

The judged blocked a provision under immigration law, that favored transportation of illegal migrants and also those sections which prevented illegal migrants from getting enrolled for higher studies.


Judge Blackburn did not agree with the arguments presented by Justice Departments which had successfully challenged immigrations laws in Arizona and Georgia.

The judge also supported a section which needs verification of immigration status during routine traffic stops on the basis of “reasonable suspicion.”

France not to support Palestinians in bidding for UN membership

Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian is going to feel the heat of pressure from France and the United States for giving up his bid for UN membership. The two countries are trying to discourage Palestine from seeking for global recognition.

Nicolas Sarkozy, French president is going to express his disapproval of Palestinian desire in the whereas US president Obama will also argue against Palestine, both in the UN general assembly.

U.S. officials revealed that officially both countries had no authority of stopping Abbas from demanding for UN membership but Obama and Sarkozy would try to persuade the Palestinian leader to drop his demand for statehood for Palestine.

Abbas would make a formal request for Palestine’sstatus as an independent country in the UN General Assembly. However it will take a long time for the United Nations to actually proceed with Palestine’s request for statehood and decide on it.

Even if the United States fails to make Abbas not to proceed with demand for UN approval for Palestine’s statehood, Obama will certainly use veto power finally to stop the move.

If the United Nations takes months to proceed with Paqlestinian demand for statehood, it will open a chance for reopening of peace talsk between Israel and Palestine.

US Senate approves bill to control labor board in Boeing Case

The House moved forward to pass a to stopthe National Labor Relations Board from blocking Boeing in its way to operate a new aircraft assembly line in South Carolina. The new venture is worth $750 million.

The bill has been supported by the Republican diplomats in the House and received a party-line vote of 238 to 186. This bill has been considered as a milestone with regard to reducing unemployment and job cuts in the United States. The country’s economy is already staggering with aftermaths of recession and severe job cuts.

The Republicans opposed labor board call against Boeing citing that it was crossing its jurisdiction and should not dictate over the functioning of companies. However the ruling Democrats and many other union leaders severely criticized the bill saying that if it becomes a law, it would hamper the independence of federal agency and rather favor private companies like Boing.

They also pointed out that Boing is among major lobbying forces and political donors. This legislation would also bar the labor board from imposing its rules over any employer regarding job cuts, transfer of employees or operations under any circumstances.

Israel not moved by difference with allies

Israel has decided to go in isolation despite differences with its longtime allies including Turkey, Egypt, and the United States.

The country which always relied on its allies for its very existence is now left alone, as all friend nations of Israel are tired. In Egypt, Israel’s embassy was attacked in Cairo, obliging the envoy to flee. Egypt had once signed a significant peace treaty with Israel in 1979. Turkey has threatened Israel to send warship to Mediterranean coast following trhe strained ties with the former.

A statement by Ex-Defense Secretary, Robert M. Gates’ revealed that Israely premier is an “ungrateful ally” due to whom the nation’s relations with international community have worsened.

Israel has recently been isolated due to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s odd policies and international pressure has made the citizens aloof and isolated, expressed the US diplomat.

Israelis are now not bothered about their segregation by the other nations as they are convinced that the country’s diplomats are trying best to secure national interests.

Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed that Israel would stay firm despite the growing turmoil in the Middle East and will not succumb to international pressure.

He emphasized on strengthening Israel to establish and secure peace in the region.

Tension at Kenyan border following murder of British tourist by Somalians

The murder of a British tourist has put borders between Kenya and Somalia in hot conflict.

Somalian terrorism and piracy have always been concerns for almost all neighboring nations and their allies.

Somalian pirates kidnap many Kenyans and failure of paying ransom by their relatives many times lead to murder of the victims.  The horrifying deaths of dozens of Kenyans in Nairobi pipeline fire has already made people afraid.

According to Kenyanpolice commissioner, British tourist Mathew Iteere, had come here for a weekend tour with wife but he was killed and his wife was abducted by the Somalians.

Kenyans already suspected abducting the British tourist’s wife and his murder was not a simple incident rather would bring diplomatic crisis too.

The incident occured at Kiunga situated in Lamu County near Somalian border in the coastal belt.

The motive of the suspects made this minor incident a biggier diplomatic issue as it occurred on the eve of anniversary of 9/11 attacks. Therefore, it has been taken as a terrorist attack symbolizing the fact that the attackers can ditch any security despite the efforts of Kenyan authorities.