Forex Euro Stabilized Gains

Tokyo, Japan: After more than 2 months of constant rebound, the Euro trades stabilized but retained its gains on Friday.

Yesterday the EUR/USD currency pair advanced through 1.3200 from 1.3085. Despite the press conference from ECB’s president Trichet which disappointed the forex market for not committing to speed-up the pace of its bond buying program, the single currency was able to rebound off 1.3059 lows on Thursday.
However the GBP/USD cross has been performed poor, falling behind the purged US Dollars. According to Nirmal Keelery a forex trader involved in forex morning trade, as the foreign exchange market moved into its close GBP/USD was still slightly struggling but stable near 1.5600 from lows of 1.5512.

Lessons on Entrepreneurship from Warren Buffett

Warren BuffettImportant Lessons on Entrepreneurship from Warren Buffett

In 2008, Forbes named Warren Buffett as the world’s richest man with his fortune estimated at $62 billion. At 15 years old, he purchased his very first pinball machine and his good fortune began there. He was known to have invested in the stock market and buying different companies; thus making himself very well known in the investment world. Despite it all, Warren Buffett remained a well-grounded man. He found no reason to forget his humble beginnings and this made him truly respectable in the field of entrepreneurship; and he imparted twelve life lessons that people can draw some inspiration from.

12 Life Lessons from Warren Buffett

Embrace your talent. The world is ever changing; and these changes will bring about so many obstacles not only to the world but also to your life. Economies will go through years of suffering and it will recover in time; through that bout, your saving grace will be your talent and your passion. You should be able to find a way to channel your inner talent, especially during the hard times. You can easily make use of your talent to open doors for; therefore embrace it and do not be afraid to use it.

The end does not justify the means. Many are blinded by their hunger for money, success and power. A lot of people are too blinded by their hunger that they are willing to break the rules and hurt people in the process. They compromise relationships for their eventual gain, thinking that money is the only thing that matters in the world — but that is not true. The end does not justify the means; you cannot celebrate success if it is obtained in a very dishonest way. Do not destroy yourself in your journey towards success; the easy way is not always the right path.

Live life with passion. Passion is the purest form of motivation and no one can steal this away from you. If you follow your passion and you do things that you most passionate about, you will realize that everything will naturally fall into place.

Do not expect the world to grant favors for you. It is different to put your hopes on yourself and to set your hopes up, expecting the world to give you everything you need. Set your expectations to a lower level, so you will be constantly surprised. Do not be unrealistic about your hopes and keep things simple.

Offer things that your customers need. There are so many things that you can sell, so many services that you can offer to the people, but not all of them are exactly right for them. Know the people who you wish to deal with and find out what they need. Do not offer something that you do not believe in, yourself, because it will hurt you in the future. As an entrepreneur, your priority is to provide service to the people around you.

Open yourself to learning new things. There is no better way to improve your situation but to constantly live life moving forward, and attaining to learn new things all the time. Treat the day before, as a learning experience, and wake up tomorrow smarter than you are now.

Never trade your reputation for money. At any point in your life, you will face failures. Losing a lot of money can be downright frustrating, but at the end of the day, it is nothing. Money can easily be earned again and you can step back up. A good reputation, on the other hand, is harder to regain once you have stained it; therefore never trade your reputation just be able to acquire a big fortune. In the end, the reputation that you have established for yourself will be the one thing that will see you through it all; so treasure it.

Do not be afraid to be different. Nothing is wrong with wanting to be yourself; and doing things your way. Just because the rest of the world does not approve of what you do, does not mean that you should start worrying. Staying on the less road traveled, as a matter of fact, gives you more room to shine. Give yourself a chance to explore things on your own and open yourself for some excitement.

Be in competition with yourself. It is nice to be competent because it will drive you to do better, but it can sometimes be unhealthy to focus your attention on keeping up with what your competitors are doing. Instead, be in competition with yourself and train yourself to keep your pace up, all the time. The truth is, it does not really matter what the other people do or think, as long as you are in control of what you are doing.

Anticipate failures. No one can predict the future but you can assume that failures and mistakes are inevitable. When you are drawing out plans for yourself; try to list the things that can go wrong and think about ways to deal with it. Although it may be truly impossible to predict the future, you can easily cushion your fall by preparing for the pain to come.

Do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Take risks. Do not be afraid to let go and to go forward because doing that will only limit your chances of succeeding. There is so much outside that you can experience, but you need to first be prepared to take the challenge on. You may make mistakes, and things can always go wrong, but your courage will be rewarded in tenfold. If you make mistakes, treat them as learning experiences and endeavor to stay away from it in the future.

Find your own path. Do not let others dictate your actions for you. Define what is right and wrong and do not let others influence you. You can easily find your own path to success; you do not need to follow the crowd to be able to get there.

Success is sweet and everyone who starts something on their own wishes to achieve success for themselves. Warren Buffett was a simple man who began to dream without realizing that his dreams can come true. Do not be afraid to join the race and take things one step at a time. There is so much that you can do, but first of all, you need to be able to prepare yourself for it.

Spain World Champions

Soccer City, South Africa: Spain won the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010. Spain the European Champions lifted the World Cup with a 1-0 victory over Netherlands in the final match played at Soccer City Johannesburg.
Spain World Cup Soccer
The goal of the match was scored by midfielder Andres Iniesta. The winning goal came at 116th-minute in the match which moved to extra time after both teams failed to score in the regular time.

Spain was in control of the match at most part though they failed to score. Still, Robben’s pace was a persistent threat to the Spaniards and he almost scored in 82nd minute. Xavi and Iniesta played well, but they failed to score in regular time. Spain coach Del Bosque replaced David Villa with Fernando Torres during the extra time and minutes later Iniesta produced the winning goal.

Artificial Pancreas for Type 1 Diabetes

ORLANDO — Researchers will soon offer an “artificial pancreas” to type 1 diabetic patients that will help better control the swings of blood glucose that come with the type 1 diabetes.
Scientists developing the artificial pancreas for diabetic patients announced at this weekend’s 70th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association that the latest experiments of the equipment show it can be used in real-life situations with success.

Artificial Pancreas Technology:
There are three main components for an artificial pancreas.

  1. An uninterrupted glucose monitor that measures blood glucose levels and the direction they are trending through the day. With this monitor that is connected to the boy you don’t have to prick the finger and use test strips to get a blood sugar reading.
  2. An insulin pump also connected to the body, that doses insulin continuously at a low level and can be adjusted.
  3. A high-tech software that can synchronize the above devices to ensure the smooth working of artificial pancreas automatically.

Scientists have already achieved the first two steps and is working on the software which should be ready soon should turn the artificial pancreas for diabetic patients into a reality and bring relief to lot of type 1 diabetic patients.

Kellogg’s Cereal Recall

On June 25, Kellogg recalled some of it’s most popular cereals beacuase of odd smell and flavor. According to a statement issued by Kellogg’s the company decided to voluntarily recall of select packages of Kellogg’s® Froot Loops®, Corn Pops®, Apple Jacks® and Honey Smacks® cereals. According to the official statement consumers are advised not to eat the recalled products because they do not meet quality standards.

kellogs Cereal Recall
The 28 million boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal recall was big news yesterday. The cereal recall was issued in consultation with the FDA.

Cereals Recalled by Kellogs
On their website Kellog’s said that only products with the letters “KN” following the Better If Used Before Date are included in the cereal recall. Following are the products recalled by Kellogs.

  1. Kellogg’s® Froot Loops®
    UPC 3800039118
    12.2 ounce packages with Better if Used Before Dates between MAR 26 2011 and JUN 22 2011

    UPC 3800039120
    17 ounce packages with Better if Used Before Dates between MAR 26 2011 and JUN 22 2011

    UPC 3800039125
    8.7 ounce packages with Better if Used Before Dates between MAR 26 2011 and JUN 22 2011

  2. Kellogg’s® Apple Jacks®
    UPC 3800039136
    17 ounce package with Better if Used Before Dates between APR 10 2011 and JUN 22 2011

    UPC 3800039132 3
    8.7 ounce packages with Better if Used Before Dates between JUN 03 2011 and JUN 22 2011

  3. Kellogg’s®Honey Smacks®
    UPC 3800039103
    15.3 ounce packages with Better if Used Before Dates between MAR 26 2011 and JUN 22 2011
  4. Kellogg’s® Corn Pops®
    UPC 3800039109
    12.5 ounce packages with Better if Used Before Dates between MAR 26 2011 and JUN 22 2011

    UPC 3800039111
    17.2 ounce packages with Better if Used Before Dates between MAR 26 2011 and JUN 22 2011

    UPC 3800039116
    9.2 ounce packages with Better if Used Before Dates between APR 05 2011 and JUN 22 2011

I found a Kellog’s recalled product, What should I do?
Please contact the Kellogg Consumer Response Center at 888-801-4163

Hello! Skinny Jeans

Oprah Winfrey, has recently announced her love for Hello! Skinny Jeans. The brand, Hello! Skinny Jeans is a fashion apparel manufacturer who claims to “tackled every possible way to make blue jeans more slimming and flattering.”
However do Hello Skinny Jeans really work as they claim? After trying out the Hello Skinny Jeans by myself and going through numerous responses from our readers as well as from the comments posted on Oprah Winfrey’s web site itself, I reached at the conclusion that it is a personal choice. While many people have claimed that Hello Skinny Jeans amazingly fits well and actually makes them look slimmer, there were also people who commented that the whole thing was just a marketing ploy!

Comparison between Hello Skinny Jeans and Other Brands
Hello Skinny Jeans

Hello Skinny Jeans works if you are tall and want to hide that extra padding and love handles. But if you are really fat Hello Skinny Jeans won’t magically make you look slim. You should probably work on your diet and do some workouts to fit into Hello Skinny Jeans.

Dyson Air Multiplier

The days of cooling fans with blades are almost over. Welcome to the world of Dyson Air Multiplier™ fans with no blades or grille. The Air Multiplier fans from Dyson work differently from conventional cooling fans.
Dyson Air Multiplier

The Air Multiplier technology:
Dyson Air Multiplier fans draw in air and amplify it up to 18 times, depending on the fans model to produce an uninterrupted stream of smooth air, with no unpleasant buffeting *.The Air multiplier from Dyson is safe and easy to clean since there are no blades or grille.

* Buffeting: Buffeting is caused when conventional fan blades chop the air that results in interruption of air flow before it hits you. With the new Air Multiplier™ technology fan with no blades, Dyson has solved this problem. The Dyson Air Multiplier amplify the surrounding air up to 15 -18 times, giving you an uninterrupted stream of smooth & cool air.

Female Viagra Drug

Female ViagraFemale Viagra, Does it Work?
The Food and Drug Administration completed their test of the female viagra drug called flibanserin. The FDA posted the clinical trial results of the female viagra on its website today. According to FDA there is a slight increase in sexual desire for women who used the Flibanserin female Viagra though response rate isn’t “particularly compelling”. On Friday the FDA will have a meeting, when a panel of experts will vote whether or not to recommend approval of this female Viagra drug.
Approximately 1 in 10 women suffer from low sex drive. Many were expecting the flibanserin or the Viagra for woman to boost their sex drive though flibanserin is believed to have minor side effects.