Bachmann adheres to fight for campaign

U.S. Michele Bachmann, Republican candidate for U.S. presidential elections Gears up to deal with his rival contestant Rick Perry and pick every issue that goes against the Texas governor.

Perry’s stormy strategy to warl poll campaign has suddenly put him ahead of everybody else in the race according to opinion polls conducted so far. Bachman and other candidates are left far behind in comparison to Perry.

Bachmann was the first to be replaced by Perry in the new competition for nomination. Due to her strong performance and publicity, she became a media star overnight in the June debate and her severe criticism of President Obama.

However, Bachmann,Minnesota congresswoman is not trying not to leave any stone unturned to compete with Perry. Bachmann’s spokesperson, Alice Stewart stated that their strategy was to target the presidential polls and win caucuses as well as primaries. She futher revealed that Bachmann focused on winning the Iowa straw elections

And now her next objective is to win Iowa Caucus.

Her rival Romney is trying to have an edge over other candidates by conveying business oriented message to Republicans.

The two are liked by all associated with the Tea Party movement as well as social conservatives. This is also an indication of Bachmann and Parry’s new role in giving competition to Obama in the next year presidential race.