Bomb Blast in Lebanon Targets UN convoy

Bomb blast along the streets of Beirut targeted a convoy of Italian peace keepers who are in the country under the mandate of the UN.
It is reported that the attack injured six of the soldiers. It was the first time since 2008 that such an incidence is to happen in the country.

An Italian general who spoke to the press after the attack said that the bomb was planned specifically against the Italian peace keepers. General Santi Bonfanti who was the second in command of the UN peace keepers in Lebanon said that one of the wounded soldiers had undergone surgical operation and that another soldier is to go for a surgical operation.

He said that the other soldiers were in good conditions. The general was speaking to the Italian television. The explosion was planted for the soldiers along the Sidon highway. The explosion made a severe mark on the road.
Italy was one of the countries that contributed soldiers for peace keeping in Lebanon. The soldiers have maintained a relative peace in the country until the recent attack. So far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. This was the first time that an incident like this has happened in the country since 2008. It would be recalled that a similar attack killed the former prime minister of the country.