Clinton pledges justice for victims in Tanzania

The United States Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton has visited Tanzania as he visited on the memorial of the US embassy bombings in Tanzania. She pledged justice for the victims of the attack.

Mrs. Clinton was visiting a day after the death of the Fazul Mohammed an al Qaeda member and one other who were wanted by the US government in connection with the embassy bombing in Tanzania and Kenya. 224 people were killed in the incident that happened way back in 2004.

Fazul and his colleagues were killed in the Somali capital Mogadishu in fire exchange with security forces. The president of Somalia has said that the security forces in the country are winning the war against al Qaeda militants in his country. President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed said the security forces in Somalia are defeated the al Qaeda and al-shabab militant groups in the country. The president was referring to the militant groups which are in control of the greater part of southern Somalia.

The president descried the death of Mohammed as a big achievement adding that he was the most wanted man in Africa. Mr. Mohammed was said to be running the al Qaeda organization in east Africa from South Somalia. He has hidden in the country for over a decade as a fugitive after being declared wanted by the US government in connection with the embassy bombings in the east Africa.