Clinton: Qaddafi Loyalists opt for Negotiation

The US secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton said that some loyalists of Libyan leader Col. Moamar Gadhafi have been making some overtures for his peaceful exit from power. She said that she is aware of many of such moves by officials of Gadhafi regime.

Mrs. Clinton who was speaking to journalists in Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates at a conference that was held on Libya said that there are overtures to have Gadhafi leave to unspecified countries and the possibility of formation of transitional government in the country. She could not confirm whether such a request would be accepted but believed however that the regime of Moamar Gadhafi in Tripoli is almost over. Mrs. Clinton was reacting to a question that was asked whether she could confirm that Gadhafi loyalists are seeking asylum for the Libyan leader in an undisclosed African country.

The conference was an international one called for Libya. In the meeting the Transitional National Council of Libya sought for more financial assistance from countries supporting the NATO operation in the country. At the conference some countries offered some financial assistance. France and Italy promised a total of $1.02 billion while two Arab countries Qatar and Kuwait pledged a combined sum of $280 million. The money was meant to assist the opposition in the country in their battle against Gadhafi.