Computer faults disrupts United Airlines cancelling 36 flights

The last Friday experience where computer faults nearly grinded the activities of the United Airlines is an ugly reminder of what over dependent on technology can cause to the airlines.

The embarrassing development made thousands of the customers of the airline saw there flight information disappear to the tin air, several others were stranded and it all culminated in the cancellation of about 36 flights. The worst of the situation is that the airline has no explanation as to what led to this unfortunate incident.

Similar incident occurred in December when over 10,000 flights were cancelled for about three days. The incident of last Saturday occurred when the passengers have no other alternative as it was late in the night for the passengers to look for another alternative to the problem.

Although the system later came back alive giving hope to the stranded passengers it does not mean that customers of the airline were happy with the development. Many of the passengers voiced their anger to the airline operators over the incidence.

Charles Hobart a spokesman for united airline said that the airline was not going to cancel any other flight saying that they are now coping with the situation. Also spokeswoman for the airline Mary Clark said that the technical department of the airline is blaming the outage of the system to connectivity failure.