Congress disagrees over expenditure on disaster aid

US Congress again traps itself in conflict among diplomats over financial spending pressurizing the federal government. The diplomats, Republicans as well as Democrats are continuously at war almost over everything.

Be it the most disputed healthcare law or the issue of providing compensation to 9/11 victims or toward US foreign policies or the battle of increasing debt ceiling, the opposition never agreed with Barack Obama’s government over anything.

It is first time in the American political history that the country is always indulged in political conflicts due to disagreement over all issues between the two parties and reaches at the verge of government shutdown every time.

The dispute over disaster aid funding was a part of much debated $4 trillion budget that included victims of flood, storms and other disaster by reducing other expenditure by the government.

The bill has been under fierce criticism by the opposition Republicans, who are in stronger position in the Congress now following mid-term elections.