Democrat senator Blumenthal presents bill on online security bill

Democrat of Connecticut, Senator Richard Blumenthal presented a bill seeking  protection of citizens’ private data from online data breaches. The legislation would punish companies and Web sites for breach of privacy in case the mishandle customers information.

Senator Richard Blumenthal andSenator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut have always emphasized on securing online security and demanded for proper regulations on this issue.

Senator Blumenthal stated that the proposed law will make online world much safer for companies and individuals who store important and crucial information online. In the absence of proper legislative guidelines, it is almost impossible to prevent breach of privacy in the online world.

The bill­­ ­­known as Personal Data Protection and Breach Accountability Act of 2011,  has been proposed at a time when the Congressmen are in the mid of firing debates over online security  and privacy issues. The Democrat government is also going to look into the matter for establishing guidelines for online privacy rules.

The bill would be enforced upon companies that maintain data for more than 10,000 people in their online database systems. The bill will also incorporate storage guidelines and ensure preventing breach of information.

Senator Blumenthal was in the limelight due to severely criticizing breach of information in Sony company which endangered 77 million customers of the company at risk. Senator pressurized Sony to disclose the extent of damage to the customers and asked the company to notify them.

If the new bill passes, the individuals will be benefitted in terms of asserting their rights to sue those companies which break the promises to keep data confidential.