Democrat win G.O.P as Republicans lose over Medicare

One of the most contentious issues in American politics today is the issue of Medicare plan and it has polarized the American society. It appears that some politicians have started to pay for their stand on the Medicare issue. One of the casualties is Jane Corwin who could not retain her seat in the special election that was conducted in New York on Tuesday.

The outcome of the result has sent a message to the Republicans that Americans did not like the party position on the issue. It is a source of worry to them because the general election will come up in 2012 and for them to have lost their traditional stronghold over the Medicare issue they may have a rethink.

Not many people would believe the outcome of that election because the winner the Democrat party member Kathy Hochul was behind the Republican loser two months ago in opinion polls. Most of the people who had earlier voted for Republic party had decided to change camp as results of the Republicans stand on the issue.

However not many republicans believed that their candidate lost the election because of the Medicare issue. Some believe the party went for the election divided. They said that Jack Davis who came third was a member of the party but had to join Tea Party after losing the Republican nomination.