Democrats gear up to strengthen position in Georgia

Georgia’s Democrats are strengthening their farm team, stated the party president Jane Bradshaw. The party has some newly elected representatives –Abrahams, D smyrna and Stacey Evans.

Georgia Democrats have started their new session in General Assembly and facing challenges from defection issues.

Young Democrats which had dominance in Georgia with 85 seats out of 236 once is now in its lowest strength after Reconstruction.

The Democrats have lost power giving 9 legislatures to Republicans in the November elections. The party is trying to cope with their strategies in the new scenario in Senate. They are also confused over selection of right candidate to compete with Republicans for next polls.

Stacey Abrams, D-Atlanta who is the newly elected leader of House Minority stated that the party is focusing on giving competition to Republicans majority. She also considers herself responsible for fulfilling Democrats’ promises of job creation, improving transport facilities and school education.

The Democrats are discussing over new strategies to represent themselves once again as best political alternative in Georgia.

Former president Jimmy Carter Sen’s grandson –Jason Carter, D-Decatur stressed on finding out the problems lying underneath while building up plans for future.

Abrams cited Gov. Nathan Deal’s new plan to reduce corporate income tax as part of the steps to let Georgian voters be aware of their welfare   strategies.