Dreams of Racial equality realized with gaps

Americans are yet to realize Martin Luther King’s dreams of eliminating racial discrimination completely from the United States. There is still a huge gap between the previledged whites and deprived blacks in the nation that is celebrating a national memoir in the honor of King.

According to a recent survey conducted in the United States, around 50 percent Americans believe that the nation still has not fully accomplished the mission of racial equality.

A recent poll by USA TODAY/Gallup almost 90 percent of whites in the United States believe that lives of blacks have improved and to this, 85 percent blacks also agree. However, they all accepted that there is still more to be done to achieve complete equality in civil rights for the colored people.

The availability of goods available in the markets also reflect the impact of racial and ethnic diversityBlacks in different regions of the zunited States feel that racism persists to the current era, however, election of Barack Obama, the first African-American president shows that the country has leaped forward gradually.

They feel that if Martin Luther would have seen this that a black man is heading world’s most powerful democracy, he would be the proudest person on this earth. Martin Luther King had led the civil rights movement and he was assassinated in 1968.