Egyptian demonstrators support Palestine

The military and Egyptian protesters clashed on Monday outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo. The protest was organized in support of the Palestinian struggle against Israel.

About 40 of the demonstrators were injured and many arrests made when the Egyptian military responded to the protests with rubber bullets as well as tear gas. The protesters had tried to gain access to the Israeli embassy. The protest was planned to be peaceful but clashes soon start when some of the protesters changed mind and tried to gain entrance forcefully to the embassy.

It was a bloody Sunday when some Palestinian refugees tried to forcefully gain entrance into Israel from their base in Lebanon and Syria. The security forces of Lebanon and Israel responded with gun fire several of the refugees were killed although few of them still managed to gain access to Israel through the fences. Also the forces fired at Palestinians who were protesting. The protesters tried to force their way into the border with Gaza Strip which was heavily fortified with armed soldiers. Also Palestinians in west bank took to street, holding flags and waving the old key which is a sign that they would one day reclaim their territory which Israel sized in 1948. The Palestine leader Mr. Abbass has also said that the blood of the Palestinians would never be in vain.