Explosions Hits Libyan Capital Tripoli

Libyan state owned television reported that NATO air strikes have hit several parts of the capital Tripoli. Worst hit according to the report is the eastern suburb of Tajoura. The television reported that there were military and civilian casualties. These attacks occurred early Sunday morning.

Residents of the city of Tripoli reported flashes and smokes in the eastern part of the capital in early hours of Sunday. NATO air attack comes three days after Libyan leader Col Moamar Gadhafi had boasted that he would never surrender to the foreign forces trying to topple his government.

The leader spoke to his supporters in Zawiga where he promised them that he would keep on fighting the rebels and their foreign allies. He said that the country is giving their children as martyrs adding that they cannot backtrack on the fight against the rebels and their foreign supporters. The speech was one of the rare instances he has talked to his supporters.

NATO was in Libya to carry out UN mandate against Libyan government which was using extreme forces against the civilian elements of the population who were protesting to have Gadhafi out of power. There are criticisms about NATO attack; there are instances of confirmed report of civilian casualties.