Fatah-Hamas sign peace deal

The rifts between two leading Palestine political organization Fatah and Hamas have come to an end following a peace deal entered between the rivalry Palestinian organizations.

In a swift reaction to the peace deal Israeli government rejected it. United States of America is still studying the peace deal to know whether it will accept it or not.  Part of the deal is that the two bodies are to share political offices between themselves pending the general election which will be due by next year.

To ensure that the western world particularly United States of America welcome the peace deal the Palestinian Authority president Mahmood Abbas has reassured that he is still in charge of the Palestinian state and that he is unequivocally committed to peace noting that there is nothing in the peace deal that his allies in the West should be skeptical about.

However it appears that the international community is waiting for the deal to be worked out to know which side of the swing they will take to. They are waiting to know who is going to occupy which position in the transitional government. They are waiting to know which ministerial portfolio that Hamas is going to occupy.

The problem the international community had with Hamas is that it is not recognizing the state of Israel and has still not denounced violence. The international community would not have anything to do with Hamas until it renounces violence and recognize the state of Israel. The consortium of concerned Palestinians who worked out the peace is optimistic that Hamas will opt for peace.