Fazul’s death shocks extremist al-Qaeda

American secretary of state Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton has described the killing of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed as a deadly blow to al Qaeda. Mr. Mohammed was killed along with other during a shoot out with the police in a s check point in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Before his death he was the African most wanted man. The sum of $5m bounty was placed on his head by the American government. He was among the people suspected of playing a major role in the bombing of US embassy in the East Africa in the year 1998. That incident led to the death of more than 224 people.

The crime he was accused of participating includes the attack on Israeli interests in 2002. He was also believed to be an active member of an Islamic terror group al-shabab the group is said to be in control of many areas in the southern part of Somalia.

The terror leader was killed in the hand of the transitional federal government in Somalia in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia. This was confirmed by police officials on Saturday. The police report said that the security forces fired at two men who refused to stop for a checkpoint search in the capital.

The official said that a search conducted on their bodies indicated that one of them had a foreign passport. The other items discovered to be in their possession before they were killed include medicine, laptops as well as mobile phones.