France not to support Palestinians in bidding for UN membership

Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian is going to feel the heat of pressure from France and the United States for giving up his bid for UN membership. The two countries are trying to discourage Palestine from seeking for global recognition.

Nicolas Sarkozy, French president is going to express his disapproval of Palestinian desire in the whereas US president Obama will also argue against Palestine, both in the UN general assembly.

U.S. officials revealed that officially both countries had no authority of stopping Abbas from demanding for UN membership but Obama and Sarkozy would try to persuade the Palestinian leader to drop his demand for statehood for Palestine.

Abbas would make a formal request for Palestine’sstatus as an independent country in the UN General Assembly. However it will take a long time for the United Nations to actually proceed with Palestine’s request for statehood and decide on it.

Even if the United States fails to make Abbas not to proceed with demand for UN approval for Palestine’s statehood, Obama will certainly use veto power finally to stop the move.

If the United Nations takes months to proceed with Paqlestinian demand for statehood, it will open a chance for reopening of peace talsk between Israel and Palestine.