Germany agitates with Iran over Delay in Merkel’s plane

Diplomatic row broke out between Germany and Iran over the later closure of its airspace to hinder the passage of Chancellor Angela Merkel who was on her way to New Delhi India on a state visit. The temporal closure of air space delayed the arrival of the chancellor. German diplomats described the action of Iran as a show of disrespect for Germany. They descried that action as unacceptable. The German position was made known by the foreign minister Guido Westerwelle.

The foreign minister summoned the Iranian ambassador to Germany to express the position of the government to Iran. The foreign minister made it clear to the ambassador that such blatant breach of international convention by Iran would no longer to be tolerated by Germany.

Meanwhile the chancellor has arrived to India where she had discussions with Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. She however did not comment on the inconvenience that was caused to her by the Iranian action saying that she is concerned with her visit to India.

The chancellor also had a discussion with Indian President. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said there is the need to combat terrorism in the region. The talk between the two countries centered on how to improve on the Indio-German relationship. The Indian side of the talk was led by Prime Minister Singh while Chancellor Merkel led the German side.