Human Rights Abuses Clinton chides Turkey

The United States Secretary of State Mrs. Hilary Rodham Clinton has criticized Turkey over its slide in human rights. She also talked about Turkey taking action to enhance the secular tradition. Mrs. Clinton noted that Turkey support is very important to the success of American goals in the Middle East.

Mrs. Clinton condemned the arrests of journalists by the moderate Muslim country and also chided it for curbing religious freedom in the country. she said that the country had gone far in the observation of human rights and advised that the country should recommit itself to the goal of modernization and democratic values saying that Turkey should serve as an ideal to other Arab nations which are now facing situation of instability as a results of revolts. Mrs. Clinton who was addressing the press in the company of the Turkish Prime Minister advised other countries in Arab and North America to learn from Turkey experience stressing that stability can only come through responsible leadership.

She used the opportunity to urge the Turkish people to use the constitutional reform process to address other remaining issues about human right such as freedom of expression and religion and ensure the protection of minority’s rights.