Iran part of the crackdown in Syria- US

United States officials have revealed that the crackdown of the pro democracy movement that is going on Syria is abetted by Iran.

The report said the Iranian authorities are dispatching advisers and trainers including the Quds force to help the Syrian government to crackdown on the pro democracy groups in the country.

The report said that the intervention of Iran in the affairs of the country is preventing the pro democracy forces from forcing changes into the government of Syria. It said that the Iranians are backing the Syrians with manpower as well as riot gear and surveillance equipment which help the Syrian government to track down their opponents through Facebook and twitter accounts. It is believed that it is through the Iranian assisted surveillance computer that the Syrian intelligent was able to arrest the hundreds of oppositions whom they arrested last week.
It has always being the assumption of the US that the Iranian authorities are always behind the activities of the repressive governments that have been oppressing its own people in the Middle East. They cited such instances as the repressive government in Syria and the Hezbollah in Lebanon as well as the extreme jihads group the Hamas in the Gaza strip.