Israel refutes unity deal with Palestine

The Palestinian territories are now under the whim of a fight for power sharing. The Palestinian leaders including that of the rival factions HAMAS and Fatah are trying to make an agreement with the rival Israel to for a shared jurisdiction over the disputed land in order to establish peace in the region.

The diplomats expect the deal to create more chances for Palestine to exist or survive as a separate and sovereign identity.  However, Israel does not seem to be appeased with the proposal.

Israel rejected the offer from the Palestinian groups citing their insistence to defy its identity as a country and also due to the continuous violent activities carried by them.

At present HAMAS control the territory of Gaza strip and its representative Moussa Abu Marzouk is leading the talks with Israel over unity deal proposal.  He called it as an end of a period in Palestinian history to free people from territorial jails.

Azzam Al Ahmed, a delegate from the Fatah group stated that Palestinian territories have been ruled by division and people wanted an end of this division and occupation era. He called the initiative to establish a power sharing deal was called as an achievement for the Palestinian youth.