Jakarta Gained iDevelopment of Global Concert circuit

Kylie Minogue performed at Jakarta the capital of Indonesia where thousands of enthusiastic fans clapped and cheered as they performed. Nobody would have expected such a development in a Muslim country like Indonesia which presently has the largest concentration of world Muslim population. The sale of ticket was high and yet many people took time to participate in the show.

The scene of the activity has in about a month featured such artistes as Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Not only that the people of the country are expecting other stage performers such as Lady Gaga, Linkin Park and Cranberries to make it to that country.

The fact that events like that is taking place in Islamic country is a positive sign that the young population of the country is eager to spend their money to get entertained. Indonesia is a great place in Asia where the artists market can thrive partly because they have the population or the market and because the young population likes that.

The people are not complaining about the amount they spent to watch the artiste on stage which is more than the average monthly wage of certain classes of people. Many young people in Indonesia are crazy about music.