Japanese govt. plans for Tepco

There is uncertainties surrounding the plan by the Japanese government led by Prime Minister Naoto Kan to rescue the Tokyo Electric Power Company (9501.TO). the Japanese government after a cabinet meeting approved a plan to rescue the company but the plan seems to be generating interesting controversies within the ruling party. The ruling party appeared divided over the issue and many of them would want the company to be penalized.

The party is also worried over the costs of rescuing the company and wondered who would pay for such massive cost.

Another decision reached by the government was funding of the worst nuclear disaster that was ever witnessed by the country since the history of its existence. The cost is said to be about Y2.5trillion. Japan had its worst nuclear disaster recently there was an outcry in the world over the safety of the world in view of the nuclear plants that are established in many parts of the world. Similar disaster occurred in the old USSR.

The disagreement within the government of japan is a show of disapproval over the incompetence of the electricity company. They blamed the company for the problem that has befallen the power sector of the country and most of them wanted the company to be punished heavily.