Japanese premier offers to quit

The prime minister of Japan Mr. Naoto Kan has offered to resign as the prime minister of the country.

This is coming after he has managed to survive a no confidence vote tabled by the opposition against his government. If that happens then Japan would made history of having six prime ministers in five years.

Although the prime minister has not said the exact time he will quit but it will put end to the plan by the opposition to force an early election in the country.

If he quits as the leader of the Democratic Party of Japan the party would elect a new leader who will become the next prime minister of the country. The no confidence vote would have plunged the country into political turmoil. There is unease in the country over the poor manner the government of Kan managed the nuclear disaster in the country.

If the no confidence vote had sailed through the parliament a new election would have been forced to the country. Already key members of the Democratic Party of Japan are jostling for the prom job.

The former foreign minister of the country katsuya Okada and Yukio Edano are positioning themselves to emerge as the leader of the Democratic Party and form the next government when the prime minister resigns.