Jerry Brown sworn in for third time as California governor

Jerry Brown   resumes his post as governor of California for third time on Monday. He has preceded Arnold Schwarzenegger whose tenure ended with Brown’s inauguration.

Schwarzenegger and Brown both have a centrist view regarding administration despite being from different political parties. Brown is a Democrat whereas Schwarzenegger is a Republican leader.

Brown stressed on demarcating the relationship between state and local government and pointed out that Californians might need to sacrifice for the growth and developments of the state as a whole.

There have been tremendous changes in California in comparison to the period when Brown was governor before this. In 1970s Brown replaced Ronald Regan. He gave business as a top priority in the silicon valley. He had set a well remarked hierarchy in allocating responsibilities and planned before taking any step. However many experts consider him chaotic.

On his inauguration day in office Brown arrived in a BMW care with very few companions. He was surrounded by security personnel. The incoming attorney general Kamala Harris was also present there, who is very popular herself. Schwarzenegger and former Gov. Gray Davis also attended the inauguration with Brown and they shared a meal together. The party cost approximately $100, 000, funded by donors for Jerry Brown.