Karzai: U.S. Discussing Peace with Taliban

The president of Afghanistan Mr. Hamid Karzai had admitted for the first time that his government and the US are having direct discussions with the Taliban. He acknowledged that the talk is progressing. He acknowledged that the US military is going ahead with the negotiations.

Mr. Karzai blasted the foreign nations who were fighting for years to defend him and his government for about a decade now. The president said that the foreign forces were in his country to protect their own interests and not the interests of the Afghani people. The president spoke at a youth conference at the presidential palace that the foreign forces were using his country.

As the president was lambasting the foreign forces suicide bombers who dressed in Afghani army uniform carried out an attack in a police facility causing heavy gun battle that lasted for over three hours. The incident led to the loss of many lives including the suicide attackers. After the incident the spokesperson for the Taliban claimed responsibility for the assault.

There were conflicting report of what president Karzai said and what he did not say. Some reports of the same comment by the president did not say anything about peace talks.

Report had it that a government spokesperson said that the president had advised the Taliban to accept the constitution of Afghanistan. US embassy officials have declined to comment on the development.