Karzai wants to limit NATO air attacks

Following the heavy civilian casualties that followed the last air strike by the coalition forces in Afghanistan, president Hamid Karzai wanted to limit the NATO air strikes. The president who was visibly angered by the NATO strike that led to the death of children and women said that future NATO attacks should no longer be on houses. He said that this would be the last time the coalition attack will lead to the death of defenseless children and women of Afghanistan.

NATO had regretted the attack that led to the death of women and children and said that it had never embarked on such an attack without the approval of relevant authorities in Afghanistan and said that they would review the procedures of future attacks following the statement that was credited to the president. The statement said that in the coming weeks the coalition will confer with the president to ensure that his orders are not violated.

The present stance of the president could spark off conflict between the Afghan government and the international communities under whose mandate the NATO were deployed to Afghanistan. However what is unclear is whether the UN troops that are deployed to Afghanistan can take orders from the Afghan president.