Kucinich institutes suit against U.S. over Libya

A member of the US congress Dennis Kucinich has instituted a case at federal court against the US government over its involvement in Libya war. The antiwar rep said that the US has breached the law by engaging in the operations without the approval of the congress. He described the actions of the US government as unconstitutional and pleads with the court to stop the military action.

The law maker was supported in the suit by another anti war law maker Walter Jones who represents North Carolina. He is a long time war critic; he is criticizing the government for sending American soldiers to war in Libya without seeking the approval of the congress. The law makers asked the court to stop the soldiers from engaging in the war saying that the law was violated.

Since the NATO engagement in Libya the congress was critical of the involvement of US without congressional approval and they have been increasingly unease over the involvements.

Congress has passed a resolution asking the white house to furnish them with a report about the war they are waging in Libya. The House speaker had reminded white house the 90 days allowed by law for US soldiers to be in operation without congressional approval was over.