Turkey Had the Key for Regional Plan on Syria

As the protest the continued over the rule of president Assad is continuing the Syrian government has intensified its attacks against the protesters. This was evident on Sunday when the Syrian government sends their gun ships to shell the town of Latakia. Despite the increase in crackdown by the government the rebellion is only increasing.

The prosecution of the conflict so far and the international response to it had shown that the regional powers must intervene in the crisis if it is not to have a ripple effect. Turkey one of the neighbours of Syria is believed to hold the key for the intervention of the regional bodies or the neighbours of Syria in the crisis.

The people of Syria have demonstrated to the extent that the international community has to intervene. If the politics is completely local there would not be easy resolution of the crisis and if it escalates it will affect the neighbours.

Similar situation is playing out in Afghanistan where each of the neighbours is involved in one plan or the other to have control over the situation in the country. The neighbours know that the crisis would take a new dimension once international forces leave the scene. This situation applies to Turkey because it is in a better position to exploit the situation.

NATO probes into crashing of Afghan helicopter

NATO is trying to establish whether the crash of Afghan helicopter occurred after being shot down by the Taliban extremists, which led to 38 deaths. Last two days have witnessed a bloodbath in Afghanistan as four NATO soldiers were killed on Sunday in violent clashes with insurgents, revealed the coalition authorities.

The foreign troops serving in Afghanistan are majorly from the United States and France, located in Kapisa province.

According to the French officials, two French soldiers were killed and five more were wounded in Sunday attack by the insurgents in Kapisa. Rest two soldiers who died in the same attack, have not yet been recognized.

Despite the casualties, French president reiterated country’s determination to cooperate with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to restore peace in Afghanistan. Already, 30 US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan of the Navy’s special force Seal Team 6, which played a key role in killing Al Qaeda.

The Taliban have accepted attacking on the Afghan helicopters and claimed that they attacked it with a grenade which was rocket propelled. The officials, however, also indicated of the possibilities of exaggeration about the incident. Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president declared about the death toll, which was later on confirmed by coalition forces too.

US administration paces up to resolve debt fight

Count down for saving itself from debt default has already started for the Obama administration.The Congress is fighting fiercely  in the weekend session on Capitol Hill to save the United States from another aftermath of economic crunch.

The GOP-led House approved the bill seeking for increasing borrowing limit for the US economy from the previous limit of $14.3  for an expensive deal for reducingcuts and other budgetary amendment.

However it too the Democrats almost two hours to set for a test vote for building up their own debt ceiling and thrust it over their opponents.

The Democrats, Republicans and the US government are to negotiate deeply over this issue looking for the most acceptable compromise to make the economy run and GOP senators are expected to play vital roles in this regard.

Obama, revealed on Saturday that his government was short of time and called on all diplomats to end “political gamesmanship” for the sake of America and its people. The final outcome of this fiasco is yet to be seen however, it is quite obvious that both the Democrats and the Republicans are standing at odd edges this time and looking for ways to pressurize diplomats for an additional budget.

California Dream Act paves way to education, job for illegal immigrants

Jerry Brown, Governor of California has finally signed a bill to let illegal immigrants receive scholarship in the state and get education. The bill, which has finally become a dream law now with signing by the governor, had been passed by the state in July. The bill aimed to help illegal immigrants get valid diploma and degree after attending three years of graduation in California.

The bill appeared in the legislature following a similar measure was opposed in Maryland. A state referendum has been sought in Maryland to repeal the law. Brown, a Democrat referred the Californian Dream Act as a sign of state’s progress toward a powerful and equal opportunity society.

This law empowers all illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for at least five years and indirectly paves way for their citizenship by joining college or military. The same bill was presented in December 2010 also, but it was submerged following the Republicans took control over the House of Representatives.

The California Dream Act however has been severely criticized by its opponents who call it a false promise to the illegal immigrants in the United States. They further keep on saying that, even doing college or opting for military services will not change the status of illegal immigrants and they would not get any legal employment in the state.

The migrant community of the state hails the California Dream Act as a path to be a legal part of the system especially for those who have come to the United States by illegal means.

Clinton Praises Opposition in Syria

The United States Secretary of State Mrs. Hilary Clinton is full of praises for the opposition forces who gathered in Turkey capital Istanbul to seek for collaboration in ousting of president Bashar al-Assad. Mrs. Clinton who was in Istanbul was proud of what the Syrian People are doing on their own to bring reform in their country.

Earlier the leader of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood Movement said that the opposition in the country is going to dethrone the government of the country. He said that what is required is for international community and the Arab countries to withdraw the support and recognition they are according to the government. Ali Sadr Bayanuni stated this when he was speaking to Al Jazeera, he said that foreign countries should withdraw their diplomats from the country. He said that the government of the country has committed crimes against people of the country.

Sources close to the country reported that tens of thousands of Syrians took to the street on Friday but about 32 of the protesters were killed by the Syrian security forces. Commenting on the protests that was carried out yesterday Mrs. Clinton described it as the largest since the unrest started, he advised the government to hearken to the demand of the people of the country.

Explosions Hits Libyan Capital Tripoli

Libyan state owned television reported that NATO air strikes have hit several parts of the capital Tripoli. Worst hit according to the report is the eastern suburb of Tajoura. The television reported that there were military and civilian casualties. These attacks occurred early Sunday morning.

Residents of the city of Tripoli reported flashes and smokes in the eastern part of the capital in early hours of Sunday. NATO air attack comes three days after Libyan leader Col Moamar Gadhafi had boasted that he would never surrender to the foreign forces trying to topple his government.

The leader spoke to his supporters in Zawiga where he promised them that he would keep on fighting the rebels and their foreign allies. He said that the country is giving their children as martyrs adding that they cannot backtrack on the fight against the rebels and their foreign supporters. The speech was one of the rare instances he has talked to his supporters.

NATO was in Libya to carry out UN mandate against Libyan government which was using extreme forces against the civilian elements of the population who were protesting to have Gadhafi out of power. There are criticisms about NATO attack; there are instances of confirmed report of civilian casualties.

Britain reduces troops from Afghanistan

The prime minister of Britain Mr. David has told parliament that the number of British soldiers serving in Afghanistan would be reduced. The number of soldiers who leave the operations in Afghanistan is about 500 soldiers. What that means is that at the end of next year large number of British soldiers would leave operations in Afghanistan.

There are implications to the security situation in Afghanistan when British soldiers eventually depart the country. British soldiers are involved in maintaining internal securities in the country. There is enormous work that needs to be done to instill discipline among the afghani soldiers. They are yet to imbibe the true spirit of professionalism in their services which the British forces in the country are known for.

The prime minister hinges the decision of his government on the ground that things are better in Afghanistan. He said the level of security threat posed to Britain by instability in Afghanistan/Pakistan is now reduced. He said that the number of soldiers and police forces trained for the afghani people will improve by October this year. The prime minister said that the death of Osama Bin Laden had not helped the course of Taliban in Afghanistan.

It would be recalled that President Obama had announced the withdrawal of some American soldiers from Afghanistan. There is concern in some quarters about the level of professionalism of Afghani soldiers.

California Gov agrees on budgetory deal without Republican inputs

The governor of California Jerry Brown said that he is no longer pushing for bipartisan deal on budget saying that he is working with the Democrats lawmakers with interest only on spending plan. It was the democratic lawmakers that are agreeing with him on spending plan. The bipartisan deal on tax could not be reached.

The governor disclosed this while he was unveiling the state budget to the public on Monday. The governor had reached a deal with the democratic law makers to cutbacks in future if the expected income could be not being realized. The details on the programs that could be affected by such cut were not provided by the governor.

It is expected that the law makers would vote on the budget on Tuesday and the governor has already indicated that he will sign the budget as soon as the votes are conducted. He said that the state has made some tough decisions adding that state courts and state universities would be affected by the cuts.

The governor revealed that he talked with the law makers for some months adding that he could not get the support of the Republican law makers. The major areas of disagreement between the Republicans and the governor are mainly in the area of tax. The budget would become operational on Friday. The passage of the budget was tortuous as the governor once vetoed a package by the Democrat law makers which was the first in the history of the state.

Google reveals FTC to review business

The United States Federal Trade Commission is conducting an investigation into the business practices of Google. This was confirmed by Google. Google posted in one of its blogs on Friday that it has received notification from the FTC that it is going to investigate its business activities.

Google said that it will throw its doors open to the government agency and other agencies of government who come to its offices to answer questions about its services and activities. It said that the nature of investigation the company is going to do about its office is not clear but maintained that its search results would continue to be reliable. It enumerated the key points to its search principles which it summarized to include always doing the best for the user; provide answers to the users and making clear labeling of its advertisement, in addition to being transparent in its operations and maintaining loyalty.

It said that they are guided by good principles adding that they are ready for any scrutiny. It said that they committed to providing choices to web users, helping the economies to grow and also offering jobs to web users.

The antitrust investigation seemed to be focused to the determining the Google ranking system as well adverts and sales to determine whether they are done in an illegal ways.

Assad Acknowledges Threats Posed by Syrian Unrest

Syrian president Bashar al- Assad had acknowledged that the unrest in his country is a threat to the government and the people of the country. In the first address he was making in two months the president said he will initiate a national dialogue which would be aimed at bringing some changes in the country. He maintained that he will never bow to the people who are protesting to remove him by force. He described them as saboteurs.

The people of the country had been anticipating the speech by the president who is battling to remain in power for about three months of severe protests. The president has been under intense pressure from Turkey, US and European Union countries to carry out reforms in the country to put an end to the protests which is trying to cripple the country.

The president offered to carry out some reforms in the country but the details of how that will come about was not mentioned in the address. What the protesters demand is that President Assad leaves power. It is not yet clear whether the president will agree. The Assad family had been in power for over four decades. There is a one dominant party system of government in the country. It is not yet clear whether the protesters will accept anything outside the resignation of President Assad.