Shashi Tharoor Sunanda Murder Case

Arnab Goswami’s new TV channel Republic TV released audio tapes accusing Indian politician and Shashi Tharoor’s involvement in his wife Sunanda Pushkar murder.

Sunanda Pushkar murder case is being discussed on Republic TV

A total of 19 audio tapes are being aired on news channel. At the 9pm prime time discussion, Arnab was heard saying, “the nation wants to know” the catch-phrase popularized by Arnab when he was a news anchor at Times Now channel.
Republic TV’s news editor Prema Sridevi talked to Mrs.Sunanda Pushkar hours before she was allegedly murdered. During their conversation, Sunanda Pushkar the wife of Shashi Tharoor asked the journalist to meet her and she was eager to share some information. But when Ms.Prema reached at the Leela Palace hotel, Ms.Prema was not allowed to meet Mrs.Sunanda Puskar. Hours later Mrs.Sunanda Pushkar was reported murdered. The news channel also reported that Ms.Prema Sridevi gave her statement in written to the Police.

Mr.Shashi Tharoor was not immediately available for comment. According to Arnab Goswami Mr.Shahsi Tharoor is on the run the moment when they went live with the news. He claims that five of his journalists are chasing Mr.Shashi Tharoor.

*Update: Mr.Tharoor made the following statement on Twitter

I am angered that someone would exploit a human tragedy for personal gain & TRPs. I challenge him to prove his false claims in a court of law.
-Shashi Tharoor

Doctor Sudheer Guptha who did the autopsy also appeared on the TV channel. According to Dr.Guptha, Mrs.Sunanda Pushkar was not suffering from any major illness that could have lead to her death and she was poisoned to death.

Syrian rebels fail to achieve Russia’s support against President Assad

Moscow seems unmoved from Syrian protesters’ call for endorsing their fight against President Bashar al-Assad.

Burhan Ghalion, the chief of Syrian National Council [SNC], and who is also leader the protesters demanding Assad’s resignation, stated that he failed to convince Russia to support their struggle. Ghalion was in Moscow for a talk with Russian diplomats.

Instead, Russian leaders asked SNC leader to negotiate with President Assad and stop violent demonstrations. Clashes between Syrian government forces and protesters have caused hundreds of deaths so far.

Last Monday, around 70 people lost their lives in another conflict. Human right activists are strongly opposing violence in Russia.

However, the claims of deaths of civilians can not be verified even as the Syrian government has restricted access to country for foreign media.

According to the United Nations, around 3500 people have died since demonstrations started in Syria calling  President Assad to resign. However, the Syrian government claims the deaths were caused by violence by militant groups.

The Russian government does not support UN Security Council’s criticism against Syria and also flayed the Arab League for suspending Syria’s membership. There was no agreement on any issue between the Syrian opposition leader and Kremlin, revealed Ghalion in Moscow. He further revealed that he felt President Assad’s oppressive government enjoyed full support from the Russian government.

Oakland administration arrests people to avoid unrest

California government uses tear gas to scatter protesters from Oakland.

Anti-Wall Street demonstrations fill the streets of entire state of California on November 2. Around 8 people were injured during clashes between Oakland police officials and the demonstrators on Thursday.

Oakland people though claimed that the protesters were demonstrating through peaceful rallies against economic discrimination in the state and the United States.  The police claimed the officials were compelled to use tear gas to control the protesters who were turning violent. The police officials of riot gear surrounded hundreds of demonstrators who were participating in rallies in streets of Port of Oakland. The police fired tear gas in order to disperse thousands of protesters who caused almost a shutdown in the entire city.

The demonstrators mainly included working class people of the Oakland City, which is situated on the eastern bank of San Francisco Bay.

According to an official report, more than 80 people were arrested while 5 protesters and 3 police officials were injured during clashes between them.

The police claimed that they had to take initiatives against the agitating protesters who were vandalizing public properties and provoking the city administration.

U.S. retains trade sanctions against Khartoum Government

The White House extended sanctions on Sudan citing that the later has not made any improvement that could convince the United States.

Barack Obama extended the sanctions imposed upon Sudan since 1997 for one more year. These sanctions block the ways for any trade relation and investment between the United States and Sudan. The imposition also include seizure of Sudanese assets.

US president offeredKhartoum government to improve the bilateral relations between the two countries by cooperating with the January referendum, according to which South Sudan declared its independence on July 9 this year.

Khartoum and the South Sudan government continue to fight over oil-producing border state of South Kordofan and there have been continuous clashes between the protesters and Khartoum government security forces for more than 6 months.

Blue Nile and Abyei states has remained amid violent conflicts and there is no peace in Darfur, where non-Arab protesters started violent rebel against Khartoum way back in 2003.

The United States and international community for committing genocide in crushing the rebels also criticized Khartoum government severely. The United States put Khartoum in the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Though on frequent requests by the Khartoum government, the United States had lifted control from export of agricultural products, yet it warned Sudan to improve the situation as soon as possible.

Sudan’s oil industry was also given exemption from sanctions but now the United States is advocating reimplementation of restrictions over oil trade between the two countries.

US says bereaved Libyan president ‘missed’ to opt for democracy

President Barack Obama expressed his regret over Libyan autocratic leader Mummar Gaddafi’s reluctance to accept rebellions’ demand for democracy, which ultimately resulted in his ouster and death. The US president considers the story of Libyan revolution as a lesson to all dictators across the globe.

President Obama stated this while talking to Jay Leno in “Tonight Show” on NBC channel. He added that Gaddafi had terrorized his nation for 42 years with his ruthless suppression and supported terrorism too.

Obama said that “the Arab Spring” or surge of revolution among Libyans to get democracy provided a good chance to Gaddafi to accept a peaceful transition of power, but he missed it.

Gaddafi was captured and killed by the supporters of National Transition Council [TNC] of Libyan rebels and later on buries in a secret place on Tuesday.

There are many diplomats and human right activists raising questions over the ways he was mocked, beaten, abused before being killed, yet Obama stressed on the fact that the former dictator had to end up like this as people of Libya wanted freedom which he had denied.

At present, the US president is busy in campaigning for 2012 presidential polls for re-election. He attended the show in his busy schedules in western states—California, Nevada and Colorado.

Obama also mentioned that he was too busy to watch his political rivals’ debates when asked by the show host.

Libyan military claims Gaddafi’s hometown Sirte under control

The transitional government’s security personals in Libya say they have captured Gaddafi’s hometown now as they have advanced near Sirte. The military forces could delayed marching directly in the town in order to avoid civilian casualties and fierce fighting.

With gaining control over Sirte, Libya’s new rulers will establish control over the entire country. It’s been two months since the rebellions waged their war against the autocratic ruler Muammar Gaddafi and seized capital Tripoli from his control.

According to new government’s commander of the Shohada Al-Manatair brigade, Mahmoud Bayu, there have been much advancement toward Sirte. He added that the military forces had already entered Ouagadougou conference centre despite fighting being continued.

National Transitional Council (NTC) forces have also taken hospitals under their control and also arrested many pro-Gaddafi fighters who were attacking from the hospital with rocket-propelled grenades. Another commander of new government, Salah Mustafa stated that they are evacuating sick and injured people while probing about those who have claimed themselves as doctors.

Around 15 pro-Gaddafi supporters were evacuated from the hospital premises.

The commander further revealed that the NTC forces had already reached the main center of the city and they were waiting for 75,000 civilians to leave the city.

Amber Miller

US vested interests exposed again

Recent incidents have exposed the dual faces of US diplomat once again. The disgusting game of death and destruction, which the United States of America has been playing with rest of the world in the name of promoting democracy and anti-terrorism campaigns is not hidden from anybody.

What the United States justifies its actions with is all to establish peace and democracy, but behind curtains its foreign policy is dictated by oil diplomacy and on ways to seek for reasons to exploit other nations’ resources.

If the Bigg Boss and Uncle Sam today declares Pakistan among suspects of terrorism sponsoring nations and says it would attack the later getting evidence of the accusation, it does not surprise anybody. Be it Afghanistan or Iraq, Cuba or Indo-China, US ambitions have always come up naked.

Recently Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has been declared a terrorists’ ally and blamed for having a hand behind attack on US Embassy in Kabul.

Experts of politics are in doubt regarding the notion that this declaration is the beginning of US war against Pakistan. Annoyed by Russia and China’s support to Palestinians’ demand for statehood in the UN General Assembly, US gets no excuse to hide its real intentions.

Israel has always been a problem state since its inception. Palestinians were pushed toward margins and suppressed in their own homeland for many decades.

However, even after 20 years of continuous killing of civilians, Palestinians are yet begging for peace. though the United States has always posed to be negotiating with Israel on its behalf for settlement.

However, now the real intentions of the superpower are clear with its strong protest, against Palestinian demand for UN membership as a sovereign state. Palestinian should now better seek for a bilateral solution with Israel rather than looking at the United States or its puppet UN for achieving peace and sovereignty.

US puzzled over all-party conference in Pak

An all-party conference in Pakistan has puzzled the United States. Pakistani Prime Minister as well as former prime minister Nawaz Sharif too participated in the same conference for the first time. Not only political [parties but also religious groups and societies as well as army chief General Kayani enthusiastically attended the meeting

Prime Minister Gilani stated that no country could put any pressure on Pakistan to do anything. He further added that national interests should be safeguarded. Gilani reiterated the oath to defend Pakistan’s geographical boundaries freedom, and national sovereignty.

Gilani also showed his confidence in the Pak army and its solidarity.

Many diplomats showed their concerns over US strategy toward Pakistan. Imran Khan, former cricketer and leader said that the United States is determined to declare Pakistani intelligence agency ISI as a terrorist outfit. He said this would create more problems for Pakistan.

The statements by US Navy Admiral about Haqqani network being an assisting hand to  ISI has put Pakistani leaders in tension.

Pakistani leaders also fear that the United States might opt for military actions against Pakistan, which has been its long-term ally.

Alabama defeats Obama government over Immigration Law

Alabama finally defeats Democrats over its ruling on Immigration Law. The state’s law had been challenged by the federal administration as the law includes many sections which are blocked in other states of the United States.  A federal judge supported Alabama in this case and supported state’s stand over the law.

Federal District Court  Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn took the decision which eventually paves way for the Supreme Court to finally decide on the fate of illegal immigration in the state.

“Today Judge Blackburn upheld the law, revealed Governor Robert Bentley.  He further added that with all those sections of the Immigration law, which were blocked in other states, Alabama has now strongest law in the United States with respect to immigration.

The judged blocked a provision under immigration law, that favored transportation of illegal migrants and also those sections which prevented illegal migrants from getting enrolled for higher studies.


Judge Blackburn did not agree with the arguments presented by Justice Departments which had successfully challenged immigrations laws in Arizona and Georgia.

The judge also supported a section which needs verification of immigration status during routine traffic stops on the basis of “reasonable suspicion.”

Tension at Kenyan border following murder of British tourist by Somalians

The murder of a British tourist has put borders between Kenya and Somalia in hot conflict.

Somalian terrorism and piracy have always been concerns for almost all neighboring nations and their allies.

Somalian pirates kidnap many Kenyans and failure of paying ransom by their relatives many times lead to murder of the victims.  The horrifying deaths of dozens of Kenyans in Nairobi pipeline fire has already made people afraid.

According to Kenyanpolice commissioner, British tourist Mathew Iteere, had come here for a weekend tour with wife but he was killed and his wife was abducted by the Somalians.

Kenyans already suspected abducting the British tourist’s wife and his murder was not a simple incident rather would bring diplomatic crisis too.

The incident occured at Kiunga situated in Lamu County near Somalian border in the coastal belt.

The motive of the suspects made this minor incident a biggier diplomatic issue as it occurred on the eve of anniversary of 9/11 attacks. Therefore, it has been taken as a terrorist attack symbolizing the fact that the attackers can ditch any security despite the efforts of Kenyan authorities.