Furthest Photograph

On February 9th, 2018 the American space research agency NASA announced that their space shuttle New Horizons spacecraft took the farthest photograph from earth. This is a new record in the history of science and photography.
The previous record for the most distant image captured on camera belongs to the “Pale Blue Dot” the famous photograph captured by Voyager 1 in the year 1990 on Valentine’s day.

Most Distant Photo

Photographs of 2012 HE85 and KBOs 2012 HZ84 (right) taken by New Horizons spacecraft.

These are the closest pictures of Kuiper belt objects evert taken. Kuiper belt is a region in the outermost area of our solar system which is similar to an astroid belt, but nearly 20 times larger in width and 200 times larger in size.

Pale Blue Dot Vs New Kuiper Belt Photograph

  • Pale blue dot is an image of earth from the farthest distance whereas the new images are pictures of objects in Kuiper Belt.
  • Pale blue dot was captured by Voyager 1 spacecraft. The Kuiper belt images are taken by New Horizon spacecraft.
  • New Horizon is the same spacecraft that took the closest picture of Pluto in 2015.
  • Pale Blue Dot remained the most distant photograph and its record was undisputed until these new photos were taken in December 2017.
  • The image pale blue dot was the result of a photography technique known as composite photography were 60 different images were used to create it.
  • Soon after the Pale Blue Dot was captured, the camera on Voyager 1 was shut down.
  • The New Horizon spacecraft, however, is expected to capture more images of the outermost area of our solar system. According to NASA on January 1st, 2019 the New Horizon will encounter with 2014 MU69 which is a Kuiper Belt object that is 1 billion miles away from Pluto!
  • The new image was taken at a distance of 3.79 billion miles away from earth

Interesting Fact:

Do you know that the spacecraft New Horizon covers a distance of 1.1 million kilometers (700,000 miles) each day?

Coral Bleaching due to Global Warming

Global warming has started showing it’s effect on the least expected places. Latest reports shows that the large scale coral bleaching is taking place as the oxygen levels in ocean plummet. According to Lisa Levin this is the biggest unknown climate change consequence.

Coral Bleaching

This is bad news for the corals that are already threatened by other factors. The reports from Australia says, coral eating star fishes are causing major damages to the great barrier reef. The Australian authorities are taking necessary measures to kill these crown of thorns star fishes that eat out the coral equal to the size of their body each night.
In the year 2016 the Great Barrier Reef suffered the biggest coral bleaching in its history when nearly two thirds of the stretch got damaged. The corals are still recovering from this massive damage when the star fishes hit the reef.

What is New in Galaxy Note 7

The new Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung is here. The Korean mobile giant launched it’s latest high end smart phone Galaxy Note 7. For those who are wondering about the Note 6, now it is confirmed that there will not be one. Samsung decided to skip 6 and directly go for Note 7 from Note 5.

New Features in Galaxy 7 Compared to Galaxy 5

Thinking of upgrading your phone from Note5? Look at list of Galaxy Note 7 features to find out what is new.

  • Unlock your phone with Iris scanner
  • According to Samsung, the new eye scanner is highly secure and more accurate than the old finger print scanner. But will the users be happy to remove their glasses and keep the camera straight to scan their eyes? We should wait for the user reviews and customer feedback to see how effective is the new feature.

  • Curved screens
  • Similar to the Galaxy 7 Edge, the Note 7 also comes with a bezel less and curved display design which in my opinion is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Screen with latest Gorilla Glass 5 technology
  • The new USB-C standard charger port
  • Both the phone and S pen are now water-resistant
  • Added MicroSD card slot
  • Larger 3,500 mAh battery
  • New S Pen tricks, like magnification and GIF-making
  • New color choices. The galaxy Note 7 coral blue looks fantastic

So there you have it.

Galaxy Note & Compared

Watch the video for the comparison.

Should I upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

You are probably asking this question now. If you are a Note 5 user, then yes. Go for it. Note 7 is faster, got better looking display and longer battery life.
Galaxy S7 edge user? There aren’t many new features that will compel you to upgrade.

Bosch India Opens More Service Centers

German power tools manufacturer Bosch is expanding it’s operation. The Bosch Power Tools which started in India in 1993 has more than 200 employees. The company is planning to start 100 service centers across the nation to cater the rising demand for power tools. The firm currently operates 25 sales office across India and has a market share of 35% in the nation.
Recently Bosch moved it’s major production center from Bangalore to Oragadam near the outskirts of Chennai, Tamilnadu. According to the Deccan Herald newspaper, company’s regional sales director Mr.Panish told the media that they will open 100 new service centers in addition to the 300 existing centers.

Bosch mainly supplies power tools to construction and metalworking industry followed by woodworking. The company owns massive distribution centers in Chennai and Pune. Visit the Bosch India website to know more about companies operation in the sub-continent.

One Billion iPhones


ToolsApple sold it’s one billionth iphone roughly after 9 years after they introduced their most successful products. It is an great achievement by any technology company in 21st century. However Apple’s crossed this milestone while their sales are declining. According to latest reports iphone sales are down by 15%, while Apple’s nearest rival Samsung is still growing.

According to the research data published by garter in february, 2016 Samsung is now the number 1 brand in the over sales of mobile phones followed by Apple Inc and Huawei. With other Chinese phone manufacturers trying to capture more market share, Apple really need to up their game with better design and unique features to keep the iphone sales high.

Microsoft Tablet 2012

Microsoft TabletBill Gate’s Microsoft Corporation is believed to unveil the new Microsoft Tablet today; Monday June 18, 2012 at Los Angeles. Tech blogs and numerous gadget related websites are filled with rumors about the Microsoft Tablet. Are these ramous true?
You will have to wait for a couple of hours more to find out. However the incidents so far indicates that Microsoft is planning preview their windows based Tablet today. Eric Franklin the official cnet reviewer posted that he got a special invitation to the event. Considering that Eric handles the tablet review section of cnet it seems obvious that Microsoft is planning to uncover something that competes with Apple’s ipad.
With the exception of xbox, most of the Microsofts attempts to enter into computer hardware devices have not been successful. Will Bill Gates firm gonna change that with the new gadget launch? Let’s wait and see. They better come up with something unique to compete in the tablet market which is dominated by iPad and Samsung Tabs.

Voyager At The Edge of Solar System

Voyager, the deep space explorer spacecraft has reached at the edge of the solar system. According to NASA the Voyager 1 reached at a region in space where the intensity of charged particles from beyond our solar system has remarkably increased. Scientists says that these charged particles that Voyager 1 came across are from stars outside of our solar system that have exploded in the galaxy.
Voyager 1 and Voyage 2 are the most distant man-made object in space. These space crafts were launched into the deep space in 1997.
Voyager 1 NASA
*Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

From January 2009 to January 2012, there had been a gradual increase of about 25 percent in the amount of galactic cosmic rays Voyager was encountering. When the Voyagers launched in 1977, the space age was all of 20 years old. Many of us on the team dreamed of reaching interstellar space, but we really had no way of knowing how long a journey it would be — or if these two vehicles that we invested so much time and energy in would operate long enough to reach it.
Ed Stone, Voyager project scientist at the California Institute of Technology

Canadian diplomats doubt US peeping into sensitive information

Canada’s political parties fear U.S. intelligence agencies may breach their privacy and get secret information from a cloud-based Web site Salesforce.com

Under the laws in the United States, the government can ask any Web site to reveal all information to them without informing the concerned person or party, revealed James Williamson, information technology coordinator, who represents the Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP) in Ottawa, Ontario.

The NDP is at present the key opposition party in Canada whereas Conservatives are in the government. The NDP has 123 million records of many individuals holding key information under their possession. Diplomats showed their concern when the NDP was asked to seek for stronger encryption approach instead of cloud-based Salesforce.com as its platform for its e-mails and other contacts.

The party also stores its voter tracking information database, donor’s information and other things which need to be maintained in private. The Canadian diplomats want that the NDP should use some other platform, which it can handle alone and without any breach of information by any other party.

In case, the US government forces Salesforce and its authorities to reveal any information at least the NDP should be informed about that.

Varun Badhwar, an official from CipherCloud’s business development firm  stated that the unit provides  cloud-based encryption services  to Saleforce.com, Amazon and Box.net.

Cloud-based encrypton keys are used to keep data private.

Democrat senator Blumenthal presents bill on online security bill

Democrat of Connecticut, Senator Richard Blumenthal presented a bill seeking  protection of citizens’ private data from online data breaches. The legislation would punish companies and Web sites for breach of privacy in case the mishandle customers information.

Senator Richard Blumenthal andSenator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut have always emphasized on securing online security and demanded for proper regulations on this issue.

Senator Blumenthal stated that the proposed law will make online world much safer for companies and individuals who store important and crucial information online. In the absence of proper legislative guidelines, it is almost impossible to prevent breach of privacy in the online world.

The bill­­ ­­known as Personal Data Protection and Breach Accountability Act of 2011,  has been proposed at a time when the Congressmen are in the mid of firing debates over online security  and privacy issues. The Democrat government is also going to look into the matter for establishing guidelines for online privacy rules.

The bill would be enforced upon companies that maintain data for more than 10,000 people in their online database systems. The bill will also incorporate storage guidelines and ensure preventing breach of information.

Senator Blumenthal was in the limelight due to severely criticizing breach of information in Sony company which endangered 77 million customers of the company at risk. Senator pressurized Sony to disclose the extent of damage to the customers and asked the company to notify them.

If the new bill passes, the individuals will be benefitted in terms of asserting their rights to sue those companies which break the promises to keep data confidential.

Hurricane Disaster New York Begins Environmental Clean Up

New York residents returned to work on Monday but the destruction that was left on the environment by Hurricane Irene made movement difficult for them. The town was standstill as there was no means of movement, train services was suspended because of bad rail lines.

The town was formless because the streets were blocked by trees, lives were becoming unbearable, and thousands of residents of the city were left without power supply.

The situation has become worrisome such that the Mayor of New York city Michael Bloomberg said that the authority is going to embark on environmental clean up. He lamented that over 38, 000 residents of the city were without power but was optimistic that the power situation would be normalized within few days.

However life is gradually returning to the city as subway services which were earlier closed had been restored. In the same way the normal bus services in the city is coming back gradually and it will be a matter of few days before everything comes back to normal in the city of New York. The mayor was addressing the press at the wake of the storm that had befallen the city.

Other parts of the country were also affected by the storm and they have their tales of woe to tell as well. That was the situation in places like New Jersey, Connecticut and some other parts of the country where movement was grounded as a result of the devastating hurricane. However normalcy is being gradually restored in those cities.