Libya flays NATO, asks to stop military attack

It is now 100 days since NATO started its military bombardment of Tripoli and Col Moamar Gadhafi is still in power. if not for NATO the second largest city in the country Benghazi was almost annihilated by the ruthless Gadhafi.

However the United Nations Security Council has learnt a lesson from what happened in Kosovo and was not prepared to give the Col chance to deal with the citizens of the country the way he has wanted. The UN quickly passed resolution 1973 which among other things paved the way for the creation of no flying zone inside the country. It authorized the use of all necessary measures to protect the lives of the civilians from the hand of the Gadhafi army.

The UN was passionately moved by the ugly image that was then coming out of Benghazi. If not for the quick intervention the world would have been hearing another story in Benghazi where the blood sucking leader who has been in power for than forty years was not ready to listen to the voice of change.

Encouraging by the bloody mercenaries he had recruited he posted an image that seem to be larger than life. The NATO came to the rescue of the Libyan people with air assault. This was about three months ago. NATO has continued its operation in the country for 100 days, Col Moamar Gadhafi is still in power, not only that the rebels who are supposed to be boosted by NATO operation is finding it difficult to sustain itself in Misrata.