Libya rebels move to Tripoli at two fronts

The rebels in Libya that is opposed to the government of Col Moamar Gadhafi have gained control of village within a prominent mountain in the country therefore extending their grip of the western part of the country.

The battle for the control of the village raged for several hours before the government soldiers gave up. The captured village is strategic to its push to the capital Tripoli. At the end of the battle the rebels arrested some soldiers loyal to Gadhafi and captured some equipment and ammunition abandoned by the soldiers when they freeing from the rebels.

The rebels were also reported to have made significant progress in the eastern part of the country where they are reported to be advancing to Tripoli through Zlitan. This development is a morale booster to the rebels who had fighting to find its feet in the battle. It is expected that with the breakthrough the rebels have now gotten a lead to the capital Tripoli.

The capture of Qawalish does not in any way suggest that the rebels are getting nearer to the capital Tripoli. It is only a significant movement from western part of the country. There are other strategic towns which the rebels must counter for them to enter to the capital through the western axis.