Libyan celebrate achieving freedom after Gaddafi’s death

Libyans are all overwhelmed with the spirit of celebration. The new rulers finally made an official declaration on behalf of Libya at Tahrir Square that the nation has got full independence.

After more than 8 months’ long bloody struggle against autocratic ruler Muammar Gaddafi, the National Transition Council [TNC] finally succeeded in snatching power from dictator’s hands and declared liberation after killing him. The death of Gaddafi ended his 42-year-long era of autocratic and exploitative rule over Libya.

International community, NATO-led coalition forces backed the rebellions with its full support and attacked pro-Gaddafi government military forces with air-strikes and other means.

However, the death of Col. Gaddafi after being captured has put the NTC under a pressure to probe.

A post-mortem of his dead body showed that dictator was shot in head.Gaddafi’s son Mutassim was also killed during fierce fights between Gaddafi-loyalists and rebellion forces. Mutassim’s body has also been put on public display along with Gaddafi’s in a cold storage in Misrata city.

The violent rebel and Gaddafi’s strong efforts to suppress the protest led to thousands of deaths. The conflicts started in February which gradually became a large-scale civil war.

By August, the protesters had captured Libyan capital city—Tripoli, however Gaddafi’s supporters continued reiterating their pledge to suppress the protests as the ruler refused to surrender depite international pressure.

Thousands of people in Libya celebrated with flags over the death of Gaddafi and end of a long era of exploitation.