Libyan crisis lingers

It was the famous British author Agatha Christie who warns more than a decade ago that war never settles anything but brings agony to both the victor and the vanquished.

The scenario could be said to be the situation that is currently taking place in Libya where the rebels in that country are lucked in war with the government of Colonel Moamar Gadhafi. The international community tried to intervene in the crisis through the UN resolution that seeks to protect the civilian populations in Libya.

NATO took up the campaign to enforce the UN resolution against Libya. For more than 40 days that NATO had intervened in the war Col Gadhafi still holds to power. The rebels are unable to push much despite the support from the NATO. While the two sides in the conflict are punching their fists over who will carry the day, it is the Libyan civilians that are at the receiving end of the entire crises. The intervention of NATO in the war was to protect the civilians whom the government of Libya has turned its weapons against.

The truth is that whether we accept it or not the war in Libyan is taken its toll on the Libyan civilians and the more it rages the more the people suffer for it.