Libyan police finds hundreds of bodies abandoned in hospitals

Tripoli witnesses fierce fighting after which hundreds of dead bodies were found unclaimed and left on beds and in the corridors of Abu Salim hospital.

The causes of these deaths were not known however, many feared they might have been killed during the clashes between rebellions and Gaddafi’s supporters. Local people were restless over disposal of bodies.

Violent fights between rebel forces and Mummar Gaddafi’s supporters forced the doctors and nurses flee from the hospital.

Many people also said the deaths were caused due to the massacre carried out by th Gaddafi regime.It is however, yet to be known how the deaths actually occurred.

So far, rebellions have faced fierce resistance from former president, Col Gaddafi’s supporters in their trial to enter his birthplace, Sirte, which has yet been considered as Gaddafi’s last stronghold too.

The rebels also said, are planning to capture Ras Lanuf, the oil port town and base their frontline from there so that they could escape from rocket attacks by the opponents.

The UK officials revealed that they plan to begin a missile attack in the night on Sirte.

There have also been some reports of clashes near Tripoli international airport, however rest of the city was in peace.