Libyan rebels: Misrata not under our control

There is a conflicting report over which group is having the control of Libyan city of Misrata which has been besieged for sometimes now. The rebels and the representatives of the Transitional National Council are offering conflicting information as regards the status of Misrata.

The spokesman for the TNC said on Thursday that the town had been liberated from the government control but this was countered by the rebel which said that the government is still having the control of the eastern gate of the town.

However it does appear that the rebels and the goverenment are sharing the control of the city with the government control some portions while some parts is under the control of the government of Moamar Gadhaffi.

As the war in Libya intensifies it was reported that not less than 4 people were killed in the country’s capital Tripoli by bomb that was directed at the compound of Moamar Gadhaffi. Libyan government officials took some journalists to the scene of the attack which was smoking with fire. The government official also reported that about 27 civilians who were affected by the attack were receiving treatment in a hospital somewhere in the town. The building was the one that was attacked by NATO last month.