Libyan rebels move to form government

The crisis in libya is taken a new dimension with the rebels who for months have been waging a war to remove Moamar Gadhaffi from power have decided to form a government that is a parallel government in the country.

The leaders of the rebel group were locked in a two day meeting with the regional heads on the way forward to the formation of the national government. The theme of the meeting centered around the modalities for the formation of the parlaimentary seats and modes of the representation. The executive arm of the government was equally discussed.

The move was also part of the effort to see that the country has a direction in post Gadhaffi era. It was seen as a move to woo the attention of the international community to make them consider the release of Libyan money that has been sized by the international community since the crises started.

It is not yet clear whether the efforts to form a parallel government in the country would make the international community to release the Libyan assets that were frozen by the international community. The meeting between the rebels leader and the regional leaders was held in Benghazi. The rebels have been battling to topple Gadhaffi for months now.