Libyan Sufi shrines attacked by Muslims

Tripoli witnessed another communal violence as fundamentalist Muslims attacked more than half a dozen shrines, which belong to “sacrilegious” sects. This has increased conflict and tension in the country, which is already boiling in the fire of revolution after ouster of autocratic ruler Mummar Gaddafi.

National Transition Council [NTC]— the rebellions party, is seeking for recognition from the international community and this communal violence may halt their desires in this regard. The new Libyan government is also fighting to combat extremists and trying not to let them influence politics and social life in the country as well as in the entire North African region.

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, NTC chief has taken this violent outbreak very seriously and even appealed to top Muslim cleric to issue religious “fatwa” against the insurgents.

He also called on people to stop creating such nuisance and said that it was not a right time to do so. Jalil stated this while addressing a news conference on Tuesday.

The destruction seems to be targeting a particular sect as the targeted shrines belonged to Sufis. Fundamentalist Sunnis do not approve of Sufi practices as they consider worshipping graves as similar to idolatry, which is prohibited in Islam. According to some witnesses, many military officials were also involved in the breaking of Sufi shrines in Tripoli.