Minneapolis evacuated following gas line explosion

Minneapolis evacuated following gas line explosion

Minneapolis evacuated following gas line explosion

South Minneapolis witnessed a shooting of fireballs due to a gas line explosion Thursday morning. However, the authorities stated that this was a natural explosion and evacuation of the area was also just a precautionary measure. There have been no news of any injury yet and people are still being evacuated.

According to TV channels reporting the incident flames were seen shooting high in the sky in the mid of Interstate 35W and Highway 62, at 60th Street and Nicollet Avenue.

The video footage also revealed that there were towering fireballs flying in the air, but the officials called it safe.

The blast occurred on Thursday morning in a residential cum industrial area. Emergency team is supervising the situation.

According to Kevin Gutknecht, an official from the Minnesota Department of Transportation on the incident did not occur at Interstate 35W, rather just north of the Highway 62 to avoid distraction to drivers on the road. The flames died out after 30 minutes of the explosion, when the officials closed the gas line.

Under the precautionary evacuation, three Minneapolis public schools, an apartment and a church near the incident location have been evacuated.

There was panic among the residents over the explosion as they feared it might be an atom bomb dropped over the area.

The fire has also damaged some of the power lines, street lights, electric supply poles and vehicles in the adjacent area however there has been no casualty due to the explosion.

People panicked as on Sept. 9 in San Bruno, Calif, a similar natural gas explosion had caused sparking of huge fireball killing eight people. The explosion destroyed dozens of houses near the San Francisco Bay.