N Korea blames US for provoking ‘war’ in peninsula

South Korean soldiers and US forces exercising on N Korean boarder

The US receives another criticism for instigating war like situation in the Korean Peninsula.  This time it is North Korea faulting the United States and its allies for exercising military activities and creating an explosive atmosphere for war.

The tense situation between N Korea and s Korea is almost reached on the threshold of a war due to continuous reactions by the United Sates and its allies. No only they are giving aggressive statements to provoke conflict but also reaching out with their military aid for South Korea, states a Korean news paper.

Involvement of S Korea, Japan and US in the conflict directly will make the dispute an international war. North Korea has already demonstrated its readiness both for a war and an ‘all-out war.’

The attack on Yeonpyeong Island by N Korea was first aggression from its side since Korean War in 1950-53In March N Korea also submerged a South Korean ship leading to death of more than 40 sailors.

However, the Korean media calls all these incidents as ‘cooked up’ by the United States and its allies. North Koreans consider the attack on island as revenge to S Korea’s firing in common waters.

It is not just the United States and its allies patting South Korea’s back to instigate war. China has also been reportedly involved in the conflict. N Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s meeting with Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo is not hidden from anyone.

The United States had warned China recently against N Korea’s aggression in the Korean peninsula and suggested to guide N Korea.