NATO Intensifies Campaign as Gaddafi Opts for Peace

Libyan government spokesperson said that NATO planes had carried out night attacks in the capital Tripoli and suburbs. It said that the targets of the attack were military and civilian targets. It said that the attack had resulted to the deaths of many people including civilians adding that many people were wounded as a result of the attack.

Meanwhile the South African president Mr. Jacob Zuma who came to Libya as a delegation of African Union has said that he had a meaningful deliberation with the Libyan leader. He said that Col Gadhafi is ready to implement a peace plan in the country.

President Zuma told the press in Tripoli at the end of the visit that Gadhafi has promised to abide by the AU roadmap for peace. He said that the starting point of the peace plan is the immediate ceasefire on hostilities by all sides involved in the conflict including the ending of NATO bombings.

Reacting to the AU mission to Libya the rebels in Benghazi said that they would not accept the AU roadmap for peace because it is silent on Gadhafi stepping down from power which is the core issue in the crises that are ravaging the country. A similar peace plan by AU was ignored by Gadhafi in April. It is doubtful whether the peace plan by AU would yield positive result and it appears that it is the only option that is left for Gadhafi who is steadily losing steam in the country.